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Should not be used to treat depression failed to respond to other SSRIs, but may be considered for people with severe depression who responded to other SSRIs but have been unable to tolerate side effects.Worst side effects profile: weight gain, sexual dysfunction, sedation, and anticholinergic side effects! Significantly more problems on discontinuation than with other SSRIs.Routine use of doses above those recommended rarely increases antidepressant effect.Hey, I have GAD and probably some depression and other various stuff. Yeah I guess it's been covered but it's a stimulating rather than sedating antipsychotic; it is a 'dopamine agonist' like PCP and LSD, it's actually classed with those two on wikipedia, which is interesting.If a patient has responded well to an antidepressant in the past then that drug should be considered first choice. epilepsy, cardiovascular disease and bipolar disorder will also influence choice.Other factors to consider include: Some people experience withdrawal effects after missing 1 or 2 doses, especially when using a drug with a short half-life (e.g. At the end of a treatment course, taper antidepressant over several weeks and monitor for withdrawal symptoms. SSRIs are relatively activating and usually best given as a single daily dose each morning. I would suggest trying wellbutrin or another stimulating anti-depressant before trying abilify as they carry less risks. Thanks It's classed as an antipsychotic but often used along with an antidepressant to increase its effects. It's a dopamine norepinephrine reuptake inhibitor and is used off label for ADHD as well.

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I think they tell you not to drink with any psych meds, but this is no worse than any other in regards to interactions. And yes, for HRs sake, most know not to drink on these meds, but each person's mileage my vary, don't let me be the example...

MAOIs (phenelzine, tranylcypromine) are now rarely used because of their severe, and potentially fatal, interactions with some foods and medications.

They should only be initiated by psychiatrists familiar with their use.

I don't know neuroscience but I think the basic idea is too much dopamine activates dopamine receptors too often and too erratically, causing psychotic consciousness, so antipsychotics bind to the dopamine receptors and sit there doing nothing and prevent dopamine from binding to them and activating them fully.

If you are not able to access a provider who is expert on CFS/ME, your next best bet is to find a doctor who is empathetic and willing to help.

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