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You cried so much at MKMF~ You couldn't even say a thank you message because you were crying. But I like it with longer bangs like now as opposed to it being shorter and more spiked during their debut =) joyeesohh im malaysian living in aust. I want to reach even higher now because this is not the end, but the beginning. So I really disappointed my parents [by becoming a singer]. My body isn't that great, ^^;; Whenenver I have time, I usually exercise for fun. I wasn't thinking about trying to become a momjjang. Similar to "uljjang"] I was originally exercising to increase my lung capacity, but then little by little, I started doing weights. [T/N: anti is someone who is against a singer/group]I don't see any of their messages. When I read an article about me dropping out of school, that's when I knew I was going to drop out for sure. How did you feel when you gave up school to focus on your singing..? It wasn't that I didn't want to study, I wanted to do both, I wanted to work even harder on music, I wanted to become the best in the music world, so I had to sacrifice my study. daesung makes everything he wears looks hott expect for the colourful bright pants eg green, pink and purple lol not hot. That ahjusshi knew that the kid was sick and asked if there was anything they wanted to eat and that he’d order it for them.

But I read a Chat between my friend and me (this was a chat we write 2-3 years ago) and I asked her what a UB is. He was asked on the show, “Do you have the contacts to the other female celebrities othen than those in your company? And it was revealed that the 2 are Lee Hyori who appears on SBS Family Outing with Dae Sung, and singer Bada who was also a guest appearance on the show that day.And then Dae Sung added, “There is one more..”As to who is the last girlgroup member, stay tuned to the show for the answer revealed.Big Bang Dae Sung reveals an episode regarding idol girlgroup members.On SBS Strong Heart to be aired on 12th January, Dae Sung reveals the ’special relationship’ with one of the girlgroup members attracting much interests.

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A journal account of Ibrahim ibn Jakub, a Jewish traveler, merchant and diplomat from Spain mentions Cracow and the First Duke of Poland, Mieszko I.

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The cougar concept has been used in television shows, advertising, and film.

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Fijian households are usually headed by a senior couple.